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 Chandelier Pavilion

Accommodates 100-400 Guests

The Pavilion is an expansive banquet space, where an open layout welcomes grand celebrations and gatherings of all kinds. Bathed in natural light, this elegant venue offers stunning views of glistening waters, creating an idyllic setting for weddings, holiday parties, high school proms, and any momentous occasion deserving of a breathtaking backdrop.

Pavilion Water View 2023.jpg
Pavilion - Entrance View.jpg

Harborview A

Accommodates 40-70 Guests

Whether it's a wedding reception, corporate gathering, or any special occasion it's sure to leave guests with cherished memories of a truly exceptional experience.

Harborview A.jpg
Harborview A #2.jpg

Harborview B

Accommodates 20-50 Guests

The small intimate banquet room offer a cozy and private setting, perfect for meetings and presentations. While it may have an obstructed view, its intimate atmosphere creates a conducive environment for focused discussions and engaging presentations.

Harborview B.jpg
Harborview B #2.jpg

Harborview C

Accommodates 20-60 Guests

Nestled in a cozy corner, this intimate banquet room offers a private setting to ensure an atmosphere of exclusivity, then room is perfect for corporate/business meetings, presentations or any intimate gathering you may have.

Harborview C.jpg
Harborview C - Meeting.jpg
Harborview C - Rounds.jpg

Harborview ABC

Accommodates 100-200 Guests

This Banquet room has a flexible seating capacity ranging from 100-200 guests, offers an ideal setting for weddings, grand celebrations, and corporate events. With its stunning panoramic view of the water, this venue adds a touch of natural beauty and elegance to any occasion.

Harborview ABC.jpg

Port of Oakland Room

Accommodates 10-50 Guests

This room has beautiful lighting and striking views of Jack London Square. Perfect for intimate gatherings such as a private lunch or dinner, small weddings and corporate meetings.

Port of Oakland - Rounds.jpg
Port Of Oakland Rm Conference #2.jpg

Terrace Room

Accommodates 10-40 Guests

This Small Bright Banquet room with a beautiful water view of the bay area is a versatile and stunning space that is ideal for hosting various occasions.

Terrace room - water view.jpg

Port of Oakland & Terrace Room

Accommodates 40-80 Guests

With both of these rooms combined together it creates amazing space for large gathering. Whether its a birthday, anniversary celebration or corporate event these rooms are sure to leave an impression on you and your guests.

Port of Oakland - Terrace Room.jpg
Port of Oakland Room - Cocktail Tables.jpg

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